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Many of the generation today has a very small/ no interest or no tie at all to the past of the place they live now and this may be an answer to generate some interest using a modern medium. At the same time, I am compiling short stories of what the place in the photo was then, what was happening then with whom and what the location now is. The Ardennes Offensive (Battle of The Bulge) photos, mainly of the North, as it happened there. “You’ll never look at your street the same way again”. This project is the foundation of a book to begin in progress, the aim is to have 2-3 volumes, covering the occupation, liberation, and Ardennes Offensive.

One goal is to acquire photos from throughout the country from as many different sources and towns, that would aid in showing their history and shared experience. Private photos are a welcome source and credit given to the owners. 

Enlightening historical locations using original photographs throughout the country of Luxembourg, taken during and after the liberation of the country, 10 Sep – 15 Dec 1944. Thus, the liberation from the German occupation, May 1940 – September 1944, by the US Army forces and allies. Then, a comprehensive look at the actions of both combatants, 16 December 1944 to the first week of February 1945. Also exposed, in the aftermath of the battle in the destruction of villages, vehicles, and loss of life. My intention is to bring “the past and present together” giving the viewer a chance to perceive something in the photo from the past and present.

My expectation is to bring 4 generations of populaces from the country to a common point. That idea being, that if you are a native of the land or, recently immigrated from different countries, you share a mutual point in the image, be it that you lived those times and remember the actions in the original picture, or you are from some other country years later and you see your apartment in the image and now realize some history of your neighborhood.

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